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Born and raised in New Norway, Alberta, my interest in photography was born in the backcountry of the Alberta Rockies in 2007. After studying in Texas, I returned to the Camrose area with a renewed interest in the wilderness and natural areas Alberta has to offer. I began backpacking and hiking with my wife Erin, and took up backcountry ski touring in the winter. When I was immersed in the beauty of nature, it seemed a natural extension to try to capture it with a camera. As time went on, I became more 'photocentric' in my trips, and have become increasingly inspired by my local surroundings as well. Winning the 2010 Canadian Geographic photo competition was a big boost and allowed me to upgrade my equipment.

As an enthusiast landscape photographer, I take pictures for my own enjoyment through my travels; however, I love when they end up hanging on the walls of homes and businesses.  I look forward to producing some excellent photos in the year(s) to come.

Thanks for taking a look!

--Davin Martinson